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TRIBEX  | What We Do

Painting Equipments

POP Up & Art

TribeX Museum connects with community through our pop up art exhibitions, digital collections, live events, and partnerships.

We serve as;

  • An inspirational resource for education.

  • As a platform for creative expression.

  • A digital archive for artists, especially those that are misrepresented or underrepresented.

While documenting, teaching and therefore preserving various technical practices of creative disciplines. Check out our events to see us in action.

Fashion Editorial



Through our partnership with Taumeti Design Studio & Hershey Garden, we provide mentoring in technical practices and space to build character, and skill set of developing creatives.

Each year we offer 4 month Internships and apprenticeships in Fashion, Digital Design, Art & Permaculture.

Pose at Protest


The WU (Women United) Collective is an initiative to promote and encourage individuals that idetify as women creatives. The WU Collective advocates for unbiased gender views, examines themes of self appreciation, and role expectations while reaffirming the female presence through dedicated art projects, activities and exhibitions.

What We Do: What We Do
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