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November 12, 2025

Shadia Milan is a self-taught, contemporary visual artist born in Buffalo, NY and raised in Houston, TX where she presently resides. Currently, her mediums of choice are oil, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas. Shadia currently has art on exhibit at the Museum at Texas Southern University with the Citywide Art Exhibition in collaboration with the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. 

Artist Statement

I thought I would be a fashion designer; as a child I sketched what my grandfather called “little dolls” and dressed them in fabulous outfits. They were actually fashion illustrations, but I didn’t know it at the time. When I picked up art again decades later, I naturally incorporated fashion and style into my work. My subjects often wear eye catching ensembles and vibrant prints. My art focuses on the beauty, resilience and joy within black people, women especially.

It’s important to me that black people, and all people see my culture as beautifully as I do. It’s my mission to contribute to the visual representation of our allure, creativity and flair. I create with these thoughts in mind, so I paint happiness, peace and strength. I paint beauty, fashion and style. I paint family, friendship and love. I paint the everyday lives of my ordinary, extraordinary people.

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