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ADORN - Art Exhibition

Highlighting the works of artists ILEA, Janice Warren,James E. Walker, Karl Hall, & Shadia Milan.

This collection of works focuses on the individual perspectives and styles of Houston artists calling attention to  various themes of self identity, life and society in the African diaspora.

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ILEA has been into art since childhood. A Musician, Visual & Performing Artist and Herbalist. Art helps her to sublimate negative energy into  constructive beauty. Her series is called SPACE GOLD. After over 10 years, she is excited to share her work with Art Lovers around the world.


James Walker is a cloned one-man band creative arts studio.Operated by multidisciplinary artist and designer,
James E! Walker
(Man of many hats, Artist of many acts)

He creates dope {$#!+} for unconventional purposes for
creative brands across the world. 

James is currently working 
on an independent project titled,
Designer Rap Tour.
DRT is an unconventional music,
art, and design exploration.
It documents the journey of a touring artist, using design to support his
passion for music. Along the way,
he finds inspiration through cultural
experiences as he studies abroad.

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As a mixed-media artist she finds peace and solace through the process of experimenting and transforming random objects and discarded materials into abstract masterpieces. Using a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional materials throughout her artwork, she explores and share subject matters related to women and also express the concept of creating beauty from brokenness. As a child, her mother would often give her scrap fabric and other materials to make collages. This childhood hobby kept her busy, taught her discipline, and encouraged creative discoveries which she strongly feel contributed toward her success as an artist. Warren's artwork is often colorful, engaging, and continuously evolving which allows her the freedom and flexibility to explore a variety of subjects, feelings, and emotions. Throughout her work she can focus on the present, contemplate on the past, and imagine the future through the use of colorful and engaging subject matters.


Born in 1952, artist Karl E. Hall grew up in the Sunnyside community in Houston, TX, and graduated in 1970 from E.E. Worthing High School. In 1976, Hall went on to earn a BA in Arts Education from Texas Southern University, where he studied drawing and painting under the late Dr. John T. Biggers. In 1979, he completed his MFA at University of Houston Clear Lake, studying painting and monotypes with Professor Sandria Hu.

Hall served for 33 years as an Art Educator, first in North Forest Independent School District, followed by Galena Park Independent School District, where he retired in 2011. During his teaching career, he received numerous awards and accolades, in addition to the honor of many prize-winning students. 

Throughout his career, Hall has won many prizes in juried art competitions and participated in numerous group shows.   Works by Hall are published in the following books: Black Art in Houston by John Biggers, Carroll Simms, and John Edward Weems (1978); Art in Action by Guy Hubbard (1987); and Roots for Life by Roy L. Ford (2017).  Today, he continues to reside in Houston, and is an active member of the Watercolor Society of Houston where he frequently exhibits.  Like his mentors at TSU, Hall has spent a lifetime inspiring future generations of artists through his work as an educator.



Shadia Milan is a self-taught, contemporary visual artist born in Buffalo, NY and raised in Houston, TX where she presently resides. Currently, her mediums of choice are oil, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas. Shadia currently has art on exhibit at the Museum at Texas Southern University with the Citywide Art Exhibition in collaboration with the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. 

Artist Statement

I thought I would be a fashion designer; as a child I sketched what my grandfather called “little dolls” and dressed them in fabulous outfits. They were actually fashion illustrations, but I didn’t know it at the time. When I picked up art again decades later, I naturally incorporated fashion and style into my work. My subjects often wear eye catching ensembles and vibrant prints. My art focuses on the beauty, resilience and joy within black people, women especially.

It’s important to me that black people, and all people see my culture as beautifully as I do. It’s my mission to contribute to the visual representation of our allure, creativity and flair. I create with these thoughts in mind, so I paint happiness, peace and strength. I paint beauty, fashion and style. I paint family, friendship and love. I paint the everyday lives of my ordinary, extraordinary people.


Creative Arts in Community

TribeX Museum creates exhibitions on social culture and documents the creative practices of traditional and modern societies; in efforts to educate and inspire viewers, while highlighting under and/or misrepresented peoples. Through our artist projects, digital collections and traveling exhibitions, we serve as a creative historical archive and educational resource.

Through our artists projects, digital collections and traveling exhibits, we serve as an art platform, historical archive and education resource for our Houston community and beyond.

All exhibitions illuminate how art is used to effect social, economic, and political change while serving as documents and records of human history.

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