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Skateboard Art


Art effects individual, social, economic and political change. Art is and can be records of human history.



JULY 2023 | Location TBA

Image by Bob Brewer

Public Art | 2024

Public Art Project at 5th Ward Pocket Praire.

Portrait Sculpture

RITUAL & ECHO | 2025

Ritual & Echo -  is an exhibition examining the themes and symbols of traditional and modern African and African American culture. Calling attention to the diversity of creativity, spiritual practices, interpersonal relationships, languages, and political systems found throughout the diaspora in efforts to deepen understanding and practices of everyday Afro culture. Ritual & Echo tells the stories of our current world culture in transformation and presents visions of a future yet to be.

PAST | 2022

Adorn Art Exhibition - Highlighting the works of artists Janice Warren, Karl Hall, James E. Walker, Shadia Milan, & Uzo.
This collection of works focuses on the individual perspectives and styles of Houston artists calling attention to  various themes of self identity, life and society in the African diaspora.

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