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Fashion Designer in Studio


The ArtX Virtual Studio Program is designed to offer space and training for  artists to develop their creative skill set. The program supports all levels of dedicated artisans working in Fashion, Digital Media, Visual Arts or Nature.

Fashion Design Apprentice

As an apprentice you will learn and gain valuable hands-on experience, while developing the practical skill set needed to become a Fashion Designer. This includes, patterning, draping, and sewing but also extends to design and collection conception. In addition you are expected to participate in Fashion shows, photo-shoots and assist with social media content creation.

Digital Design Apprentice

As an apprentice you will gain valuable hands-on experience, while developing the practical and professional skill sets needed to become a Technical Designer. You will learn how to take a design from concept to finished garment. Adapting creative designs into tangible products. You will develop technical sketches/rendering with specifications requirements and learn how to adapt fashion sketches to art.

Social Media Intern

As a social media intern you will gain hands-on experience in marketing and social media metric use and analysis, while developing a professional skill set in visual design and presentation. In this position, your responsibilities will include; growing audiences on social platforms including Pinterest, TickTok,  LinkedIn, and Instagram. Along with maintaining a posting schedule, by regularly creating platform-specific content including text posts, videos, and graphics. 

Appre& Interns ntices  are selected based on creative interests, work quality, and career direction.

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