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Tribal Slippers


TribeX Museum is a 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Organization that builds exhibitions and events around sustainability and design, with the goal of evolving, preserving and encouraging creative practices.

Through our pop up exhibitions and digital collections we serve as a both an archive, and platform for under and/or misrepresented artists.

Our objective is to inform and inspire.

OUR MISSION. To explore and preserve cultural connections between society, fashion, art and music; through the production, documentation and exhibition of works.  

VALUES. To provide authentic perspectives into culture and societies.

VISION. To serve as a breeding ground for merging creative disciplines while educating and preserving the culture, history and process of creative practice.

ABOUT US: About Us

Who We Are

TribeX is founded by a collective group of artists and cultural enthusiasts whose wish is to foster diverse perspectives and greater understandings of ethnic histories while providing a platform for preserving and developing creatives practices and craft.

Board of Directors

Amenta B. Cutliff | Founder & Curator

Erica L. Hubbard | Vice President & Executive Director

Sylvia Akingbade | Registrant & Secretary

Derrick Goodwill | Treasurer

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ABOUT US: About Us
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