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TribeX Museum is a 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Organization that builds exhibitions and events around sustainability and art in various forms, with the goal of evolving, preserving and encouraging creative practices. Through our ArtX projects, pop up exhibitions and digital collections we serve as a both an archive, and platform for under and/or misrepresented artists.

Our objective is to infuse the importance of overall well being and sustainable culture into the the world of art.​

OUR MISSION. To educate, inspire, explore and preserve cultural connections between society, fashion, art and music; through the production, documentation and exhibition of creative works in ways that inspire us to remember and respect nature. ​

VALUES. To provide authentic perspectives and spaces for culture and creative works to flourish.​

VISION. To serve as a breeding ground for merging creative disciplines while informing and preserving,  human cultivation, our history and process of creative practice.

We do this through...

Pop Up & Art

Community Exhibitions

TribeX Museum connects with community through our pop up art exhibitions, digital collections, live events, and partnerships.

We serve as;

  • An inspirational resource for education.

  • As a platform for creative expression.

  • A digital archive for artists, especially those that are misrepresented or underrepresented.

While documenting, teaching and therefore preserving various technical practices of creative disciplines. Check out our events to see us in action.


Ritual in the Garden

Art For Change, Progress & Healing

Ritual in the Garden is a three part series that utilizes sound frequency (music and words), visual arts (active crafting) and movement (dance & yoga) to stimulate physical, mental and emotional healing while encouraging respect and appreciation for life and our environment.

Overall, our goal is to create a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for attendees to experience internal physical and spiritual harmony and stimulate interest in sustainable balanced living.



Through our partnership with Taumeti Design Studio, we provide mentoring in technical practices and space to build character, and skill set of developing creatives.

Each year we offer 6 month Internships and apprenticeships in Fashion, Digital Design, Art & permaculture.


Let's Connect. We love to collaborate on creative projects that impact the community. Get on our list or send us a message. 

Thanks for joining the tribe!

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